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A New Kind of Leadership

"The best way to describe about us is to experience working with us. Highly motivated and responsive, we are innovators in every area of work. Our collaborative culture is nurtured with interdisciplinary teams, transparency and common values. Our continuously learning organization attracts the best talent in the industry.


Within our organization we have the competencies to understand and cater to the needs to the entire textile/apparel supply chain, all the way from yarn to retail. In a rapidly changing supply environment our multiple competencies make us a very valuable supply partner to meet your ever-evolving business needs."

-Garima Bhat

Board Members

Garima Bhat

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Garima Bhat is the co-founder of Creatnet and leads the fashion business as a business development director. She manages product development, design and customer relationships with a committed team.

Pawan Sood

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Pawan is the operations director at Creatnet . He is responsible for sourcing, supplier relationship management ,supply chain management and logistics. 

Darshan Bhat

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Darshan is the co-founder of Creatnet and brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship, innovation, learning and growth.

Meet The Team

Supreet Kaur

Business Development

Ritcha  Julka



Varun Manohar

Systems and Tech

Mahesh Joshi

Material and Manufacturing

Work Life Culture

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