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Our inter-disciplinary design team, works as an extension to your company to create beautiful new concepts. They study the trends forecasted by WGSN and interpret them to generate  customised, focused designs for our customer's brand. 

Our Collaborative Design Frameworks enable development of garments which are supply engineered for the required price and lead-times according to client's requirements.


Creatnet Fashion offers in-house product development  facilities for every one of our clients. Our team consists of expert pattern masters, highly skilled sampling tailors, beaders  and hand embroiderers.

We make all our fits, protos, salesman samples and our beautiful concepts  in house for quick execution and focused precision.


Creatnet offers wide range of Indian fabrics along with imported specialty fabrics like organic cotton, viscose, rayon, nylon, polyester, silk, linen and wool woven and knits .

Fabric sourcing team collaborates  with the design team to understand forecasted and new trends. They also work on buyer's enquiries and make regular visits to trade fairs and supply base help us to offer  innovative products to our clients.


Creatnet merchandising is the link between great customer relationships and integrating a complex supplier network. 

Merchandisers are our front end managers and the face of the company for our clients. They look after the interest of the clients and are  their eyes and ears for taking care of the orders and sampling. They are responsible for prompt communication and effective follow-ups.


In order to support our clients with faster lead times and high quality garmenting finishing, creatnet has setup a strong process oriented in-house manufacturing  facility. We believe that vertical integration would be critical for the growing demands and needs of our global clients. The facility is mindfully designed  to manufacture premium high quality garments, increase productivity and ensuring that acute attention to detail is given to each and every garment that we create.


Quality assurance is an integral part of the

manufacturing process and that is why we are constantly innovating and raising the bar for high quality finishing that can also enable quicker manufacturing for shorter lead times.

We do a complete R&D of all production items before it goes into process, which involves our fabric department, fit technicians and merchants.

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